F. A. Q.


Many of the true and talented artists cannot find their place in the scene flooded with senseless brilliance. The topic of new art spaces is a pressing issue for the artistic society of today. The wish to explore nature as art space brought about the idea of an artistic retreat to a place where nature isn’t dominated by human civilization.


Modern urban life in a major city brings a huge amount of information, and with it the doubly huge amount of stress and tension. Provided, it also brings the culturally interested public to your event... However, chances are that your art will reflect the stress and tension you feel on the daily basis.

Especially since the beginning of the 20th century many of the most talented artists of Western European tradition have dedicated themselves generation after generation to the pains of wars, the tragedy of humankind, the social injustice, the impersonal deconstruction of the art itself, the ruthless and unforgiving self-analysis... all the while becoming more and more self-indulging, unhealthy, shocking just for the sake of being shocking, frustratingly inaccessible - and proud of it.

©reative ®eality sees its task in uniting professional musicians, dancers, artists, performers, producers, curators, educators etc. of various nationalities, styles and genres who want to consciously restore their connection to the natural, positive sources of the arts and the creative processes. 

We want to bring those people into the pristine natural environment; let them tune into the natural energy, recharge and be inspired;  help them on their road to success in the stressful urban world with the material they had created in their own ©reative ®eality.


©reative ®eality Khakassia Summer Art Residence shall provide the ideal conditions for the exchange of ideas and experiences relevant to art communities and art residencies. One of the main goals of ©reative ®eality Khakassia Summer Art Residence is to establish an open platform for discourse on artistic collaboration and experimentation, researching in theory and in practice on following topics:

- Purpose of art today, its relevance, its role in the modern societies
- Modular artistic collaborations and its effect on cost-efficiency

- Multi-genre collaborations as the tool to the further development of contemporary art
- Different kinds of art space
- Creation of international art spaces and open networks for artists and art organizations
- Natural environment and its utilisation in arts
- Organization, management and sustainability of art residencies
- Relations between art, nature, technology

We shall be actively developing strong socio-cultural connections and active cultural, intellectual and artistic exchange between Germany, Russia and original cultures of Siberia in tight cooperation with our long-term partner, the Tourist Information Centre of Khakassia. 


©reative ®eality ©oncept

©reative ®eality proposes a financial model where the consumers pay NOT for a single artwork or event, but for a complete holistic multi-day experience of art and nature.

In close cooperation with the Tourist Information Centre of Khakassia we shall organize Arts & Culture journeys to Khakassia for international tourists. Our guests shall have the opportunity to experience one of the most amazing places on Earth which is otherwise almost inaccessible for a non-Russian speaker. They can take part in the activities of the Summer Art-Residence and together with local friends, guests and partners be the first and often the exclusive live audience of the various ©reative ®eality projects. The guests shall have a choice of yurta complexes, hotels, deluxe villas and private rentals directly in the region where some of the richest business people and highest ranking officials of Russia have their private spots for summer holidays. Ideally it should provide app. 70 % of the budget. ©® is currently actively building up a private network of promoters who are interested in helping the project on its feet.


©reative ®eality plans to support the creation of new material by a single artist or a group up to its completion as the end product. ©® plans to promote the artists of the Summer Residence, i.e. by the following means:

  - organizing public artistic events (promotional support)

  - acting as an agency, providing artistic content for public, private and corporate events (financial and promotional support)

  - advertising and popularizing the artists and their work through film and online releases (promotional support)

  - promoting the artist’s individual and group releases (CDs, exhibitions, films, books, etc)

©reative ®eality is planning to get the project online for crowdfunding for the rest of the sum. It is probable that ©® will split the cost of the project by categories and shall apply for various categories’ support on various platforms (Kick Starter, IndieGoGo etc.)

©reative ®eality is going to ask directly for sponsorship the following entities:
  - Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation
  - Goethe-Institute
  - Kultursenat Berlin

Last but not least, we are counting on some amount of "support of a kind" by costume designers, producers of audio-, sound-, video-, film-equipment, music instruments, etc.

For the numerous jobs connected with the organisation of the guests stay and for the assistance of the residents in the work on their projects ©reative ®eality will offer paid and unpaid internships to the students of the top art-, theatre-, music-, dance- and film institutes of Germany and Russia (mainly Berlin, Munich, Moscow & St.-Petersburg) and to the business / tourism students and young artists of Germany and Khakassia. Wide network of personal contacts is available and constantly extended.