Khakassia, an autonomous republic in the Southeast Siberia, is only slightly smaller than Bavaria but 24 times less populated. It enjoys all the fruits of civilization and modern technology without letting it become the dominant way of life. In 2015 Khakassia received the Nat Geo Traveller Award as the top goal for eco- and ethno-tourism. To protect its unique cultural and historical heritage of over 30,000 monuments, the Republic of Khakassia has created a Commission for UNESCO.  



©reative ®eality sees its task in uniting professional musicians, dancers, artists, performers, producers, curators, educators etc. of various nationalities, styles and genres who want to consciously restore their connection to the natural, positive sources of the arts and the creative processes. 


We shall see vast steppes and endless taiga, explore mysterious caves, hike through fairy-tale mountains, tour mighty rivers and swim in the vivid lakes with therapeutic properties. Aside from its amazing nature Khakassia has an incredible historical and cultural heritage which you can experience at the numerous ancient monuments, such as shamanic sites, open-air temples, stone stellae, statues, menhirs, burial mounds and rock art. 


Scroll down to see some of the attractions you could experience.



Lake Bele is the biggest mineral reservoir in East Siberia (52 km2). It is actually two connected lakes: Big Bele on the west and Small Bele on the east. A mountain chain  with two spectacular peaks is bordering the lake on the North. Many ancient artefacts and rock paintings have been found near the Chalpan peak. There are also remains of a medieval fortress nearby.


Oglakhty massif has a scenic location near the confluence of the Yenisei and Abakan rivers, 40 kilometers from Abakan. You will find here petroglyphs, a set of burial mounds and the famous slab SHAMAN STONE with rock paintings. Another important monument is Oglakhty Fortress, built in the 10th century AD. Defensive line, formed by the wall and natural barriers of the Oglakhty massif, is 25 kilometers in length.

Walk 960 flat wooden stairs of Oglakhty up to the viewpoint on the mountain "Forty Teeth". At the top of the mountain you will discover the petroglyphs of Oglakhty - rock carvings of Tagar and Tashtyk cultures 1000 - 5000 years old. Then turn around to enjoy one of the most stunning views of Khakassia - the untouched steppes of the Natural Reserve and the Krasnoyarsk Sea.


This mountain chain stretches between the river Belyi Ius and the Black lake. Block stones and vertical slabs form an enigmatic labyrinth. Scientific research and analysis of Sunduki using most sophisticated software suggests that this complex of natural and archeological wonders is one of the most ancient astronomical open-air observatories in the world, preceding even the famous Stonehenge. 

Sunduki is not only an observatory, it is also a place of worship, a temple that is closely connected to its rock art.There are burial sites, rock art, carvings, artefacts made from pebble stone. Ancestor’s traces are very well perserved here, and we can learn a lot about the ancient shamanic wisdom, their beliefs and spiritual practices of old Siberia.


Lake Tus is drainless bitter-salt lake with high water mineralization. The lake has such a high concentration of salt that it was named by locals the Siberian Dead Sea. The chemical composition of the lake's water is actually very similar to the Dead Sea water. The combination of the minerals and the unique climate of the microregion has a therapeutic effect on locomotor system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, immune system and metabolism.



Salbyk burial mound was created in the 4th century B.C. for a distinguished king-warrior burying. This ritual site, as well as many others in Khakassia, was built along the biofield-anomaly lines and is presumed to influence human biofield. Sulek petroglyphs nearby are a pictorial art masterpiece of the ancient Siberian culture.


Ancient people of the region visited caves and grottoes to bow to mysterious gods and offer them gifts. Among these rocks they found themselves equally close to the radiant gods of heaven and to the powers of darkness concealed deep inside the underground. 

The most brave and fully initiated of our ancestors managed to go further, to the place where under the Belyi Ius River Valley giant stone arches have arisen. We can track their traces today while enjoing the landscape as pristine and wonderful as it was thousands of years before.

We offer a unique journey in which You experience the most amazing and rarely accessible parts of the Earth's nature and human culture - with an option of taking part in spiritual and healing practices, as well as being the audience of exclusive artistic events. This exceptional combination could lead you comfortably and surely towards improved health, physical fitness, spiritual balance and new levels of awareness, becoming an important step on your way to the full realisation of your own creative potential.

©REATIVE ®EALITY Khakassia is looking forward to welcome you!